Wednesday, September 26, 2012

JadCare: Statistics monitoring with added sense

Why use JadCare?

One of the biggest tips that any successful AdSense publisher will give you is "Play around with the placement of your ads". Don't just be satisfied with a dollar here and another dollar there, if you've never put much thought into where your ads should go then you can definitely earn much more.

One sure fire way to fine tune your earnings (as well as keeping your site visitors on the ball) is to test-out various placements, logging your results as you go along. Many AdSense publishers create a so-called AdSense journal for their logging of placement types but the problem with that method is that all you can know from your Google AdSense stats is the amount of clicks throughout the day and the channel for which the clicks were associated.
What you do not know is where these adverts exactly were (ie; which page), which colour scheme the ads were and their dimensions, who clicked them, where the visitor was who clicked the ad, how they found your site (ie; direct hit, search engine, what they searched for in the search engine, referral page and domain etc.), even which clicks were Link unit clicks and which were AdSense Ad clicks, until now that is.

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