Friday, June 8, 2012

Does Owning More Blogs Mean More Adsense Profits?

Do blog site owners who own more blogs make more Adsense profits?

This is an interesting question to ask because there are well known bloggers who make huge profits from one single major blog. However there are also other equally well-known blog site owners who make their Adsense money from dozens of different blogs. So where does that leave somebody who is just starting out?

The key thing to remember about a blog site is that a blog’s main function is being a web log or online diary. As the term "online diary" suggests, this is where a blogger can generate a lot of interesting personal comment and intimate details and information about a particular niche subject or topic that they have chosen to cover. Blogs are quick and easy to set up. Blogs are a less expensive way of advertising your business

The fact is that a blog is hardly the place where you would want to reach for your credit card. Yet this does not make a blog less important. Blogs are classified as being increasingly important to any web based entrepreneur because it is where all the action is. In actual fact traffic is generated in large quantities at blogs and then re-directed to web sites for the actual sales transaction to be consummated.

On the other hand there is no denying the fact that putting your eggs in several baskets seems to work well with Adsense. Traffic volumes tend to fluctuate sometimes and if one site does not do well on a particular day then one of the dozen others will and in this way the blogger will be able to maintain their high daily sales and ultimately their big monthly check.

With the various online advertising and marketing tools available these days, it is not too difficult to run several blogs successfully and have each one attracting enough traffic for you to make significant revenue from Adsense. In fact you do not need a very big budget to be able to achieve this. You can for instance start with a small amount invested in PPC campaigns for each blog and then re-invest from the profit and returns you receive and in this way build up a huge targeted traffic for many of your blogs.

You can also combine this with free creative methods to attract traffic to each of your blogs.

This is not to say that anybody with just one blog is doomed to failure. Far from it, there are a number of advantages of having only one blog to focus and concentrate all you efforts on. More so if you are just starting out in online marketing. It is easier to try out things and be able to see the results of your efforts. Sometimes when you have too many blogs, monitoring their progress and the various programs and campaigns you are testing may prove to be quite challenging.

Ultimately it is up to you as an individual to decide what feels more comfortable for you – one Adsense blog or several.

By. Terry Detty
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